Yesterday, I resigned from my job.

Yesterday, I resigned from my job. The Australia seed had been planted for quite some time, but I was unsure of when the right time to execute everything would be. Turns out- there is no right time. How’s the saying go? “Bad news never has good timing”. Well, it’s true.

This job was my first “real” one out of college, & was truly the most wonderful place to begin the foundation for my career. I will always look back on it fondly, and am so thankful for all of the opportunities that I was given. However, after spending a year & a half behind a desk, I began to get restless. It hit me; I wasn’t getting any younger and my financial commitments weren’t going to get any smaller. If I wanted to fulfill this dream of mine, I needed to do it now.

I booked my flight from Miami to Sydney, wrote up a resignation letter, and set a date to tell my boss the news: Thursday, October 15th. Needless to say, my anxiety was through the roof the entire week. When the day came, I was a nervous wreck. I asked to pull my boss aside, that I needed to talk to her about something. As soon as I closed the door behind us, the tears started flowing. I had an entire speech prepared, & forgot every word! I did manage to get out “Australia” somewhere in there between sobs, and at this (very much to my surprise), my boss lit up & hugged me. She told me how sad she would be to see me go, but how excited she was for me to embark on this journey, and that I would always have a great reference. WHEW! As the workday went on and the rest of the staff learned of my announcement, the response was overwhelmingly positive; full of hugs, congratulations, and curiosity. I felt SO relieved that they were all so understanding of the change. It was one chapter of my book coming to an end, with the next coming into fruition.

And with that- the world awaits! Let the countdown begin!

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