Traveling in Love.

Mushy post alert!

I’ve created memories and fallen in love with Tyler over & over again in dozens of cities all over the country, which brings me to my latest thought; how travel has strengthened our relationship.

While I can’t speak for everyone, I will say that in our own experience, exploring new places together has worked out beautifully. When you’re driving through rural Utah with nothing but a full tank of gas & each other (I’m talking not even the faintest trace of a phone signal for hours) it pretty much forces you to get back to the basics. And that, my friends, is a truly wonderful thing.

Compromises must be made & patience must be practiced, yes. 100%. You get to know your partner completely during a lengthy trip together, and I’m a firm believer that seeing new places with your significant other is the ultimate test of compatibility. All of the little quirks come out from beneath the surface. For example, as soon as Tyler boards a flight, he’s out cold. Me, on the other hand? Can’t sleep on a plane worth a crap. As much as I would like for him to be the cure-all for my boredom, I have this saying- “If you love someone, let them sleep”. And so I do! I also have a knee that goes out every so often. When I feel it acting up when we’re, say, hiking a trail, he never ever urges me to push it & keep going if I’m hurting. He honors my body’s needs, and slows down the pace to accommodate them, which I’m so appreciative of. We’re consistently patient & understanding with each other and our differences, which is exactly why traveling actually ends up strengthening our bond.

Embarking on adventures allows us to experience new, exciting things together. It lets us connect even more deeply than usual, brings out the most intimate parts of our relationship, & makes us closer with each trip. I am thankful beyond words for all of the incredible memories we’ve created thus far, and am so looking forward to the ones ahead. Travel is a common thread between us. A shared interest. Something we both enjoy and love to do.

Thank you for being my closest friend, my whole heart, & the absolute best travel partner imaginable, T. This post goes out to you. I couldn’t imagine making this trip to Oz without you by my side. 24 more days, love!

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