Sydney Itinerary: 11/30-12/2

Monday 11/30 & Tuesday 12/1

  • Spent flying…*sigh*. We lost an entire day due to the massive time change (Aus is 16 hours ahead of the US), but truthfully, the jetlag wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I suppose this is due to the fact that I was able to sleep for the last of the three flights, which was 14 hours long.

Wednesday 12/2-

  • We finally landed around 8:30 am, & got right to it! We hopped in an Uber & checked into our hostel, “WakeUp!”.  I’ll be honest…staying here was very out of my comfort zone, & I’ve definitely gained a deeper understanding of why it’s called budget accommodation. While the facility was relatively clean & the staff was quite friendly, the room was truly the bare minimum. Here is what I liked/disliked about the place:
    • (-) Two sets of bunk beds, point blank. Nothing more, nothing less. Thankfully, no one else checked into our room so we did get it all to ourselves, which was a pleasant surprise.
    • (-) I wasn’t really a fan of having to walk to the other side of the floor in order to use the bathroom, nor was I thrilled to find a pair of dirty underwear hanging inside of the communal shower.
    • (+) I will say that this particular hostel had a lot to offer in terms of interaction & meeting people. They put together a social activity each day (for us, it was a coastal hike from Bondi to Coogee) as well as night (free wine and cheese tastings from 7-8pm, then a free keg at the bar downstairs at 9pm). While Tyler & I weren’t able to participate in any of the group activities the one night we were there, it seemed to be a great way to meet fellow backpackers and like-minded people.
    • Conclusion: It costed us a little over $35 USD per person per night to stay here. We were then charged another $10 to “rent” a towel, since we didn’t bring one for lack of space. On top of that, each room key costs $20 (although this is refunded as long as you return them to the front desk). At the end of the day, it ended up costing roughly $96 for us to sleep here for one night. I simply don’t think that it’s worth the cost for a couple traveling together. If it were just me, costing $35, then it would make much more sense. But for our intents and purposes, I much prefer using AirBnB, which I will go further into during my next post 🙂
  • “I’m Free” Walking Tour- While researching things to do in Sydney, I came across this fantastic little organization’s website, & am so glad that I did! As its’ name states, this tour is completely free of charge. The guides work solely off of tips; you leave what you thought it was worth. What a great concept! It lasted for about 3 hours, and our guide Allie, is really wonderful at what she does. She took us through many of the major historical sites around the city, explaining the stories behind them, and shares her tips for getting around the city, places worth seeing, etc. The tour ends in front of the iconic Darling Harbour Bridge, which makes for a lovely photo. I would highly recommend anyone visiting Sydney for the first time to go on this tour. It was such a great way to start our trip & introduce us to this amazing city.
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