Valentine’s Day Weekend in Arizona.

In honor of our 4th anniversary & Valentine’s Day, Tyler surprised me with a trip out to Arizona this past weekend. It’s the first place that we ever traveled to together outside of Florida (which probably makes me romanticize it even more than I already do), and I mean it when I say that I love it there.

I was pretty excited to be able to check off three more items from my bucket list:

Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, & Grand Canyon National Park.

Here’s what each day looked like 🙂


  • Thursday– Flew from Palm Beach International to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Landed too late to do much of anything aside from check in to our hotel and grab some dinner.


  • Friday –  We headed out early Friday morning for Sedona, a 2-hour drive from Phoenix. Our rationale was to stop in here for a night, as it was a good halfway point between Phoenix and our destination, the city of Page. We were able to spend a couple of hours in Red Rock State Park, used primarily for environmental education, but it’s also open to the public for nature hikes, bird watching, and other recreational activities. Lots of hiking trails to choose from; we took Eagles Point. It was b e a u t i f u l. I’ll leave it at that.



  • Saturday– We drove the remaining 2 hours from Flagstaff to Page, as we had a 10:40 reservation with Ken’s Tours, through Lower Antelope Canyon. (Side note- After much research and advice from fellow travel bloggers, I found that the lower part is far less crowded, which was important to me). There was no physical address for the place, which was equal parts unnerving and exciting to me. It’s located on a Navajo Indian Reservation which is subject to flash floods, and for this reason, it is required that you enter the canyon with a tour guide who’s familiar with the area and weather. Our guide, Tim, was super-friendly & helpful. I think he taught me more about my SLR in the first five minutes of the tour than I’d learned in years from watching Youtube tutorials. As for the canyon itself, the word that comes to mind is surreal. I’d seen so many pictures of this place; hell, it’s even one of the default desktop backgrounds for my computer at work! I had to keep pinching myself. In order to get into the canyon, you must climb down a very steep set of stairs. The sandstone inside the walls creates different levels of colors the further down you go; we were able to see reds and oranges at the top, and blues and violets the closer we got to the bottom. It was absolutely gorgeous. We were done and out of there by noon, and headed over to Horseshoe Bend, a quick 10 minute drive away. It’s one of those spots that you can never quite put into words, and pictures do it absolutely no justice. Nothing could’ve prepared me to see it in person. It is MASSIVE. There were people fishing in the Colorado down below, and boats were docked, and they all looked like ants. It’s safe to say that I conquered my fear of heights that day 😉 It was mine and Tyler’s favorite part of the trip. Spent about an hour there, got some food, and then made the trip over to Grand Canyon National Park. We drove about 22 miles in and got to a handful of the designated scenic viewpoints before it began to get dark. And with that, our Northern Arizona trip was complete!







  • Sunday– Valentine’s Day! We came across a tiny little whole-in-the-wall coffee shop, called Matador Coffee Roasting Company. It appears to be an old car mechanic shop turned roastery; Black and white checkered tile floors, giant roasters, even a guest book for their customers to sign! It was the perfect little spot to have Valentine’s brunch.

Highlight video to come 🙂

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