Coolest Street Art from Around the World.

27th June 2016

Love street art? Check out these travel bloggers’ favorite spots to find it across the globe!

Kassie from The Flyaway Life says “Georgetown, Penang in Malaysia is a street art lover’s dream! The city partnered with artist Ernest Zacharevic a few years ago to create art pieces across the city. Each piece is unique and some are interactive. Other street art has popped up in the last few years to go along with Zacharevic’s pieces. You can spend a whole day walking around old town trying to find the most entertaining artwork!” Here are some of her favorites:

Kids on a Bike-- Penang Street Art

Boy on Motorbike- Penang Street ArtKids on Swings- Penang Street Art

Jon of Boundaries Broken spotted these recently in Glasgow –



and these in Chiang Mai, Thailand!





Paula of Sydney Expert created an entire self-guided walk through the Inner West suburbs of Sydney that can be found here! This is one of her favorites by artist Fintan Magee:

thumbnail_Fintan Magee%27s Alice St Newtown

Cathy from Roar Loud  had this to say about Azores: “The beautiful islands of the Azores off the coast of Portugal are known for natural beauty and amazing food.  We were surprised to find the Azores are also full of street art, especially in the city of Ponta Delgada.  Each year the city hosts a Walk and Talk Urban Art Festival, where artists from around the world come to create”.  Here are some of the incredible pieces that she found:

thumbnail_Ponta Delgada street art

 thumbnail_Street Art Sao Miguel Azores

thumbnail_Sao Miguel Azores Street Art

Kevin of Wandering Wagars found this fantastic work of art while in Bogota, Colombia. He says “Bogota is tagged with some of the most incredible street art that we have seen. The government of this beautiful South American city has a permissive attitude towards graffiti, giving artist the time to create incredible scenes” :


Chris from One Weird World spotted these incredible creations in Lima, Peru:

thumbnail_Lima street art



And as for my own favorite spots, they would have to be Hosier Lane in Melbourne, VIC:






and the Wynwood Art District right here in my backyard of Miami, Florida!


DSC_0076 DSC_0079 DSC_0088 DSC_0089 DSC_0093

6 thoughts on “Coolest Street Art from Around the World.

  1. Kassie

    These are all so beautiful. Wynwood is one of my favorite spots for street art as well.

    This round up is so fun! Thanks for letting me be a part of it 🙂

  2. Kaaya

    These are indeed amazing pieces!
    I am really into art and I especially loved the first few once, because I got a Banksy feeling of them!
    This was really an amazing post and I subscribed!


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