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So you’re thinking about starting a blog…Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step into a larger world. Having a blog is a great way to communicate news, keep people updated about your life, and get your views out there. But where do you begin when it comes to getting a blog set up? Is there a secret formula? Do you have the technological know-how?  And if you don’t, where can you get it from? Over the course of this article, I’ll try to lay it out in some simple terms for you.

Where to Begin?

The first step is to choose your blog platform. Where do you want to put your blog? Assumedly you’ve already heard of WordPress? There are over 82 million active users on WordPress. The platform makes up 48% of all the blogs on the Internet. There are so many positives to using it; easy to set up, free to use, and there are a ton of free layouts and themes. There is also dedicated support and interaction with your blog. Sure, there are other platforms like Blogger and Tumblr. But, take it from a first-hand user, WordPress is one of, if not the best that you can get out there.

What Are The Funds?

That would depend on if you decide to self-host or use a free alternative. If you decide to go with the free option you won’t be able to have your own URL. However, if you decide to self-host via a hosting company, it will cost you. An upside to this is you will have a professional looking domain name which will serve you well in the long run (like this one!)

       What Do You Want It To Look Like?

That is entirely up to you. Here’s where the fun begins! If you’re on WordPress, it has many built-in options for you to give your blog exactly the appearance that you want. The great thing about it is that you can change your site’s appearance as often as you want. So, if you do get bored, you can switch it up! Another trick when it comes to giving your blog the appearance you want, is to think about what your blog will be about. It should reflect your personality. For example, if you were doing a blog about the best free antivirus programs on the web, there’s not really a point in decorating it with pretty candy floss, is there?

How Will It Progress?

Over time, as with anything else, the more you blog, the better you’ll get at it.  There are many handy tools and pieces of advice dotted around the Internet. Also, look at people’s previous efforts.  Did it work? If so, why?  And if not, why not?

And that’s it! Get your blog up and running and start to speak to the world!

Disclaimer: This post was part of a collaborative effort.

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