3 Unique Ways to Travel This Summer

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There is no better feeling than having a fantastic holiday to look forward to. Nothing really seems to get you down, or get on top you when there’s a wonderful trip just around the corner. The better the trip the better the pre-trip excitement and anticipation.

So why not plan a trip with a twist this year, perhaps something totally different and totally unique from anything you’ve done before? Whether you are travelling alone or travelling with family and friends here are our top 3 ways to add a unique dynamic to your next trip away.

Learn a Language

Have you ever thought about learning another language? I’m sure the thought has crossed all of our minds at one time or another, but perhaps it one of those things that has just always fallen down to the bottom of your list of priorities. Well what better way to learn a language than by learning a language in the country of the foreign language itself?

Traveling around a foreign country whilst learning the language is a completely unique way to take in the culture and language of your host country. So why not give it a go and look into language courses available in the places you are considering traveling to? Why not learn italian in italy summer with an adult language course specially developed for foreigners visiting Italy.

You can spend the morning in the classroom learning the basics of the Italian language, then in the afternoon, you can get out and about into the city or countryside that you are staying in to practice your new language skills.

Photography Diary

Another interesting way that you could travel this summer, with a twist, could be to create a photography diary of your trip. Obviously, photography has never been as popular as it is these days with so many apps surrounding the world of photography. It’s really never been so exciting, accessible and fun to get into the art of photography.

Creating a photo diary is a unique way to document your trip and you can create a photo book, so full of memories, that it will always remind you of that brilliant holiday you had back in 2017! Think a little before you head off about any particular interest you have in the country you are traveling to see if you can give your photo diary a specific focus. Morocco, for example, offers amazing marketplace photos and Barcelona has some of the most magnificent and majestic doorways in all of Europe. So thinking about what your holiday destination has to offer may allow you to create a photo diary of your holiday destination with a unique and interesting special focus.

Home Swap

Have you ever considered traveling by stepping into somebody else’s life? Why not truly experience the local culture by taking over a locals life for a week or so by swapping homes? Home swapping is really growing in popularity as it is a really fun and cheap way to travel. Not only can you live like a local but it is also free, meaning you get to free up lots of extra cash to spend whilst you’re there.

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