5 Must See Destinations for Wildlife Lovers.

One of the greatest things about traveling is being able to see some of the most magnificent wildlife on the planet. If you’re keen to head out into the world in search of experiences with majestic animals, then you have endless options. These are just five must-see destinations I have chosen for wildlife enthusiasts.

The Danum Valley – Borneo

Borneo houses one of the tallest rainforests in the world that is home to a whole host of wildlife. The trees are filled with orangutans and gibbons that swing amongst the trees as you walk below. Local guides will take you on a tour of the best spots, filled with flying squirrels and tree snakes. If you’re lucky, you could even catch a peek of the endangered rhinos and leopards in the wildlife reserves. This patch of rainforest is one of the last left in Borneo so make sure to see it while it’s still there!

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Western Australia

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Australia is known for its poisonous snakes and huge spiders as well as it’s cuddly Koalas. But it’s oceans hold their own delights. Western Australia is one of the best places in the world to go whale watching. The tours that the locals offer are a tour not to be missed. You can go out on the boats to get up close and personal with the whales or you can take a helicopter tour and watch them swim in formation from above.  


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If you are a keen bird watcher, then Scotland is the best place for you. The coast of Scotland is filled with rare bird species, and it is a great place to see birds of prey in their natural habitat. Golden Eagles and Ospreys can be found circling the magnificent bays on the coast. Diving into the water to snatch up their prey. You can also go sea kayaking to get a closer look at the seals and red otters that swim in the oceans off the coast of Scotland.


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I have my own bucket list of places I want to visit in the states, but if you’re a  wildlife enthusiast, there’s one place that you mustn’t miss. Yellowstone National Park. You might have heard it mentioned in the news, famous for its dormant volcano, but it is also home to the biggest collection of animals in the United States. You can see anything from Bears and Wolves, to hundreds of different species of birds and fish. You could spend months here & see a new amazing creature every single day.

Duba, Botswana

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No list of wildlife holidays would be complete without a Safari, and Duba in Botswana is perhaps the best place in Africa for it. The lions that can be found here are the biggest in Africa and behave differently to most other lions. Lions tend to hunt at night time but in Duba, they hunt during the day. This might not be the best if you are a bit squeamish but if that’s your thing, you can see lions hunting buffalo right in front of your eyes.

I hope this has given you some good ideas and inspired you to get involved with nature.  

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