Adventure In Your Backyard

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Remember when we were children?  We used to throw bedsheets over chairs or set up camp in our back gardens?  Hungry for a little adventure we didn’t have to go too far to have the wildest night of exploration and discovery.  Then we grew up and whilst our quest for adventure grew so too did the distance we travelled to seek it out.  Why though? Have you ever asked yourself what is out there, just beyond your back garden.

You don’t have to travel too far from home to find an area with the potential for an adventure.  Even if you live in the urban jungle you can jump on a train, or in the car, to the outer limits of your city and find where the trees are growing and the green starts rolling.

You probably will need a little more than a bed sheet so grab some basics from If this is your first time out in the wilderness then you may need a few creature comforts but you could go completely wild and really test your survival skills.  Using skills to build your own den and set up camp with your own fire, you don’t even need to use a lighter.  Check out this brilliant advice for starting your own fire with nothing but your hands although it might be worth having a back up just in case.  There is something incredible about being completely self sufficient and the campfire is often a place to sit by and do some reflection.  This is the ultimate trip for those who want to go green.  An eco friendly getaway which surrounds you with nature.  

If you really want to go full on survival mode then you may consider catching and foraging for your own food.  You can learn how to make traps to catch rabbits or, if you have found camp near a river source you could try to bag yourself a fish.  Nothing quite beats the taste of a fresh fish, gutted and prepared by your own hands, straight from the fire.  The taste is how food should be.  Fresh and local.  Beautiful.  Of course that might not be for you, so pack plenty of food and water rations depending on the duration of your trip.

Hiking is probably the best way to spend your day and the beauty of camping is that you can either explore the surroundings around your site or you can pack it all up every evening then head off to a new location.  You will need decent map reading skills and whilst you are staying away from new technologies, do keep a phone to hand to ensure your safety.  You never know what can happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Get back to your childhood and find adventure close to home.  We don’t have to travel the world to inject a little life back into our veins.  Look around you.  It’s just as beautiful where you live as it is thousands of miles away.  

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