Awesome Advice for an Adventurous Trip to England

What do you think of when you picture England in your mind’s eye? The Queen? High tea? Harry Potter? Quaint little villages set in attractive rural locations, and historical buildings three or four times older than the USA? If so, you won’t be disappointed – there is, of course, all this on your plate when you travel across the Atlantic to England.

But there is a lot more besides the traditional side of England to enjoy, and I wanted to share some of the options with you today. So, if you are the adventurous type, let’s take a closer look at this small but perfectly formed country. Read on to find out more!

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Base yourself in London

You can’t really go wrong by looking for cheap flights to London and using it as a base. The nation’s capital is an exciting mix of thoroughly modern and ancient, and it’s renowned for being one of the greatest cities in the world. You can do pretty much anything, from cultural trips in museums and world famous art galleries (many of which are free) to scary tours of old dungeons and the back alleys of Victorian-era London. It has an exceptional nightlife, too, with clubs, bars, and restaurants all buzzing through to the small hours.

Most of all, though, it has excellent transport routes, and you can get anywhere in the country – and over to Europe –  within a few hours or so, making it the perfect base. You can spend months staying in London and the surrounding area and still not see everything it has to offer. But head out to the countryside, and another England awaits.  

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Visit the Lakes

The Lake District is a huge expanse of rolling hills and lakes set in stunning countryside and scenery. It’s located in the north of the country and is the inspiration for many great poems and works of fiction. It’s definitely the traditional England, here, and hasn’t changed much for centuries.

However, if you love an adventure, there is so much to do. Hiking is an obvious activity, and you can sail boats across the vast lakes – or take a canoe if you fancy using some elbow grease. Abseiling, mountain biking and climbing – it’s all here for you. And because of the variety of the Lakes, every day will offer something different.

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Get down to Cornwall

Cornwall is the nearest English county to the United States, but if you are flying into London you will have to go back on yourself to get there – and it can be a long trip. However, it’s worth it. Cornwall has a magnificent coastline which is a heady mix of craggy rocks, golden sand dunes, and some of the best beaches in the country.

As the Lake District, it’s unspoiled and packed full of natural beauty, and it’s a great place for adventure. Cornwall enjoys fantastic surfing, coasteering and watersports activities, and there are plenty of biking and hiking trails to try out. It’s also worth going on one of the many guided tours of the caves down there, too – famous for pirates hiding their ill-gotten gains 150 years or so ago.

Have you been to England? Where are your favorite spots? Let me know and share your knowledge in the comments!

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