Back To Green: Eco-Friendly Holiday Plans

If you want to release your internal hippy and discover the relaxing and mind-opening pleasure of an encounter with Mother Nature, there’s only one piece of advice for you: Try eco-friendly holidays in one of the greenest countries in the world. Environmentally friendly places have set a quieter and more peaceful pace in their day-to-day existence, or at least in the life of your holiday spot. There’s no denying that even green countries have busy urban areas that are quick-paced and dynamic. But hopefully, your green vacation will keep you away from these urban spots! Here’s where to go if you want to refresh your mind and recharge your green batteries:


Image Source, Courtesy of KRiemer

If you didn’t know, the slogan of Norway’s tourist board is “Powered by nature”. And if you stay away from the big towns such as Oslo – even though Oslo is surrounded by vast green areas – and take a trip through the stunning, UNESCO-protected fjords, you’ll rapidly agree with the tourist board. There are more than one thousand fjords along the Norwegian coast, so you are free to take your pick: Each one of them is more beautiful than the other. Fjords, by the way, are blue lakes that consist of saltwater. They are a pocket of nature in a busy world, as the fjord landscape has remained mostly untamed and wild. A pleasure for the soul!


As surprising as it might sound, France is developing a new form of glamping in the Ardeche region: Handcrafted oak and ash yurts bring a change to the traditional world of camping. Each yurt has a comfortable double bed and is surrounded by trees and hanging hammocks. All you need to do is lie down and enjoy the peaceful feeling of the river running through the forest. If you love hammocking by the way, you can even look for smart alternatives to the standard tent.

A beautiful yurt


That Switzerland has made it among the greenest holiday spots in the world is not surprising when one knows that the country is mostly composed of mountains and lakes. Its Alpine landscape is ideal for refreshing and clean mountain vacations. But if you want to go a little greener than others, you could have a look at the WhitePod village, an eco-friendly luxury pod village situated on the Swiss mountainside. This unique experience is said to clear your mind of all worries!


New Zealand is a beautiful country of open spaces, mixing beaches, mountainous landscapes and geothermal and volcanic activities on a colorful canvas of sensations. If you are a movie enthusiast, you should also look for the magical Lord of the Ring tours that take you through the bewitching locations where Tolkien’s masterpiece was filmed. Take a walk through the landscapes of Middle-Earth to revive one of your favorite stories! If you are lucky, you might even see the unique wildlife of New-Zealand, including plenty of flightless native birds like the kiwi. A paradise for the eyes!

Lord of the Ring Landscape, Image Source

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