Essentials To Pack For a Backpacking Trip


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Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or thinking of taking your very first trip, backpacking can be an enriching and rewarding experience. Once you’ve roughly planned your route or at least where you’re heading to first, it’s time to think about what you’ll take with you.

As you’ll be carrying your possessions around, pretty much at all times, you’ll want to pack smart. For any backpacking trip, it’s the essentials that count. Forget about your most prized possessions and the family heirlooms. Right now, you need to get your minimal frame of mind on and opt for the necessities.

The Backpack

First things first, you need to think about the kind of backpack you want to take with you. It’s going to be on your back, for the most part, so you want to make sure it’s comfortable and light. Don’t just decide on what it looks like, or even the price. Decide what kind you want by shopping around and comparing the styles available.

Somewhere To Sleep


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Now that you’ve chosen your pack start thinking about what you want to make room for. It’s a handy idea to think about comfort. Whether you’re thinking of sleeping under the stars or heading to hostels, a sleeping bag is always a good idea. Or, if you’re thinking of jumping from coast to coast, take a look at the portable hammock reviews on sites like


While you won’t be taking your entire wardrobe, you need to pack some clothes and shoes. Be smart here. What is the weather going to be like? Do you need to keep warm or cool? Can you get buy with a pair of jeans, shorts, and a few tees as your basics? If so, do it!

Navigational Assistance


Remember to stay practical. You’re going traveling and even if you have your journey mapped out in your mind, you can still get lost. Don’t rely entirely on technology. Packing any recent maps for the areas that you’re heading to and a compass is a smart move.

Survival Equipment

Now, you might not be planning on going into full survival mode on your backpacking trip, but along with any sound backpacking advice, some equipment is a must-pack. A Swiss army knife might come in handy from place to place, and a flashlight, stove or metal cup and bowl will keep you fully equipped.


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You’re going to want to get through your trip in one piece. Water, bandaids, aspirin and a small pack of antiseptic cleaning wipes just might mean you can enjoy your trip unscathed. If you get a dehydration headache with no sign of a medical center nearby or cut yourself, you’ll be grateful that you thought ahead.

And The Accessories

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And finally, think about the little things that you might need. If you’re taking a camera, do you have backup memory cards? What about staying safe – do you need a day bag with an antitheft device? There are so many travel products available that are small, easy to use and store, and thought of as life-savers in the backpacking world.

Backpacking doesn’t have to mean that you grab a sleeping bag and head for the door, but you do have to remember to travel light and pack the essentials. What are some of your backpacking must-haves?

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