A Gap Year: Just Traveling, Or The Rest of Your Life

Everyone is well aware of the qualities of taking a gap year, whether it’s after your formal education has finished or as a break from your career. However, a gap year doesn’t have just to be something you do just for, well, a year. It can also lead to something that stretches far beyond just those twelve months of traveling from place to place. If you’re planning to go traveling, you should always have in the back of your mind that it might be more than just traveling – it could become your life!


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Finding Yourself

Traveling is inherently conducive to growing as a person. Just like you changed when you went to university or got a job, you’ll change when you set off into the wider world and start experiencing other cultures and ways of being. And while all that is going on, you might find that you discover a new part of yourself, one that hasn’t ever been revealed before. If you find a new side of your personality, you might decide that it’s better to stay on the road rather than returning home.

Long Term Prospects

Equally, some things we do for fun on our gap year might become more than just something we do temporarily: they might become something we want to do full time. If you get a ski instructor course qualification, you’ll be acquiring a skill that will enable you to stay away from home for much longer than twelve months, because you’ll be able to get paid. Deciding that skiing every day is better than an office job might not be the most difficult decision of your life! Others also use TEFL – teaching English as a foreign language – as a way to fund travel to far-flung destinations. If you really enjoy it, you might decide to make a career doing that rather than returning home.


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A New Home

You’ll be traveling to plenty of new destinations as part of your gap year, especially if you’re going around the world. It might be that you fall in love with one specific place that you visit, and want to stay there longer. Well, you might be able to. With the world ever more digital, there are plenty of opportunities to work remotely, with only a computer and an internet connection required. With the internet more or less anywhere, you might decide to get one of these jobs and live in South Africa, Australia, France…wherever you really enjoyed!

Unbound Possibilities

You might not necessarily stay on the road, but you might realize that there is much more to life than what you previously realized. From there, you might begin to shift your thinking, moving it from the safety of what was previously known and deciding to take on a new challenge, whether at home or abroad.


On the other hand, you might just take the gap year for what it set out to be: a way to have fun and see the world! But then again, maybe not….

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