Get a Jet-Set Lifestyle With These Stylish Travel Tips

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Do you always wonder how your favorite Hollywood stars manage to step off a long-haul flight looking remarkably refreshed and relaxed? Just scroll down through some celebrity gossip websites, and I’m sure you won’t see a paparazzi shot of a celeb looking disheveled in an airport! They look like gods and goddesses while us mere mortals always look like the walking dead when we get off a long-haul flight! But these stars always look so good because they have been told loads of tips and tricks on how to travel in style. After all, they do it so often, so they should certainly know a thing or two about looking great and beating jet lag! To help you get a jet set lifestyle such as the rich and famous, take heed of these stylish travel tips!

Don’t Risk Heels

Sure, you will want to look incredibly fashionable on the plane, but comfort should be the name of the game. And there is nothing less comfortable than a pair of high-heeled shoes! So don’t even risk wearing heels on a flight. Your feet will be very uncomfortable throughout. It is a much better idea to go for some ballerina flats. These will look more stylish than some sneakers, and will also keep your feet super cozy!

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Be Smart About Carry-On Luggage

You won’t have a huge amount of carry on luggage, so you need to be clever about what you bring aboard with you. If possible, try and keep it down to a minimum. If you bring the maximum allowance, you will end up having to carry a heavy and bulky bag on board with you, which can be very inconvenient. It’s best to stick to a small handbag packed with the essentials, such as headphones, your purse, and a book. Don’t worry about bringing a bottle of water on board, as the cabin crew will provide you with one. Remember a small bottle of moisturizer, though. Skin tends to dry up when you are in the air, and a small pot of lotion can really be a lifesaver!

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Plan Your Post-Flight Travel In Advance

Once you get off the plane, you will probably just want to get to your hotel or back home as soon as possible. You will probably have a lot of sleep to catch up on! Rather than having to deal with finding a taxi or looking for the nearest train station or bus stop, you should plan your post-flight travel well in advance. This will give you the chance to arrange a driver to pick you up from the airport to take you to your accommodation. If you are feeling particularly glamorous, you could think about booking a company who offers limousine airport transfers. Celebrities would, so why don’t you!

Hopefully, all of the above tips can help you get through a long-haul flight looking just as stylish as your favorite celeb. You might enjoy this type of travel so much, you may never look back on how you used to deal with long flights!

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