Happy Camping! How To Get Through A Camping Trip

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Budget Carefully

A lot of people think that a camping vacation is automatically a budget vacation but that actually isn’t necessarily true. It might cost a lot of money in fuel to get you where you want to go, and a lot of the time, campsites can be expensive to pitch up on. It’s important to make sure that you budget carefully – if your funds are limited then it isn’t a good idea to forget to budget some money to do some actual activities while you’re camping! Check out local tourist attractions like water parks and put some cash aside for entry to them.

Always Be Prepared

Remember that it’s impossible to be too prepared. Make sure that you ask yourself plenty of questions before you set off: do you have enough food to last the journey? Is this the best backpacking tent for your family and friends? Do you have mosquito spray and any medication that you might need? (You’ll probably want to take some painkillers, anti-inflammatories, allergy medication and any anti-diarrheal medication. Gross, sure, but you want to be prepared for any undercooked hot dogs that your less competent friends may produce.)

Listen To Everyone’s Opinion

Remember that it isn’t just your vacation that you’re dealing with her. If you’re going away with friends, everyone should get a say in what they do every day – you don’t have to force everyone into group trips all the time. If you have one friend who’s a total bookworm then it’s totally okay to leave them behind with their book if they’re happy with it – remember it’s their vacation too.

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Stay Beauty Prepared

If you find it hard to be away from your hairdryer for too long, there are definitely ways that you can go camping and make it tolerable. Cut your makeup bag down to the basics – you need makeup remover wipes, baby wipes to wash down with, plenty of dry shampoo to disguise those greasy roots, clear mascara, lip balm, BB cream and eyebrow pencil in order to feel as though you look like yourself. Make sure you’re aware of whatever bathroom facilities that the campsite has before you leave for your vacation, so you’re prepared for whatever circumstances will hit you when you arrive. You also want to make sure that you take plenty of changes of clothes – if you haven’t showered then a change of underwear will help you feel much fresher. You should also remember that temperatures often go down dramatically at night – take some jeans and sweatpants along with hoodies, waterproof jackets, and warm socks to keep your toes warm in your sleeping bag at night.

Take A Deep Breath

Remember that a lot of the time, proximity to people can lead to irritation – and you definitely don’t want to mess up your vacation with any fights! Make sure that if you’re annoyed, you take a deep breath and walk away from the situation to prevent yourself from saying anything that you might regret. You should also take plenty of activities like board games to distract from any uncomfortable moments.

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