Kicking Back in Europe

The majority of us travel to relax, right? Even the seasoned travelers among us go away to get away. Most destinations help us unwind, if only because they’re a step away from everyday life. But, some locations are more suited to unwinding than others. You won’t get much chance to sit back and breathe when visiting a city. If it’s relaxation you want, it’s worth picking a destination that’s well suited to the cause. And, what better place to relax than Europe? There’s something idyllic about a European trip. And, many European destinations offer plenty of chance to relax. So, we’re going to take a look at a few of the best!

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We’re starting in Italy, because, who doesn’t dream of visiting someday? Italy has many fantastic locations, any number of which would have found their place on this list. But, we’re going to look at Venice. This out of this world location is sure to leave you feeling cleansed. Why? Because it’s so different from anything you will have seen before! We all know the charm of Venice lies in its lack of roads. You won’t have to navigate dangerous drivers and fast cars on this trip here. Instead, you’ll have to adjust to life on the water. By its very nature, this lifestyle is a laid back one. Because of the waterways, everything has a much more relaxed feel. That’s why it’s a fantastic location for anyone looking to kick back.


Portugal is another country fantastic for relaxing. And, no location suits the quest more than the country’s southernmost destination. If the scenery and sunshine isn’t enough to wash away your worries, there are plenty of other ways to relax. If you like to unwind with a little golf, then book golf holidays in algarve from 360 Golf Holidays. This option is perfect for people who can’t stomach sitting on the beach. Or, you could book into one of the country’s many spa resorts. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a little pampering during their time away? One thing’s sure; in a country where relaxation is encouraged, you’re sure to find something to suit.

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It doesn’t get much more idyllic than a trip to the English Cotswolds. This destination may not have guaranteed sunshine, but it’s not without its charms! Book into a country cottage and enjoy an English retreat to die for. Spend your stay strolling through spectacular countryside. Make sure, too, to visit a few of those fabulous stately homes that set England apart!

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Or, you could head to the amazing island of Malta on your quest. This laid back island is sure to refresh your aching bones. Stroll around the charming Maltese streets and absorb the history. The way of life here will relax you the most. Take time, too, to visit Gozo, about 20 minutes off the Maltese coast. This gentle island has some amazing sights to see, and an attitude so laid back it’s horizontal!

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