Life’s a Beach: Hacks to Make Your Next Beach Vacation Much More Enjoyable.

I love the beach as much as the next person – wouldn’t have stayed put in South Florida for 25 years if I didn’t! But, there are certain things that you can do to make sure that your next trip to the beach runs smoothly. You don’t want to get there and have forgotten something important. Follow these hacks and your next beach vacation will much more enjoyable, organized and fun. 

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  • Use Zip Lock Bags: It might sound quite random, but if you take plenty of ziplock bags with you to the beach, you can store all of your important belongings in there. You don’t want to drop your phone in the sand, or worse, the sea! So things like cell phones, money, and keys can all be kept in a zip lock bag.
  • Take The Right Sunscreen: We all know to take sunscreen to the beach, right? But are we checking that they are the right ones for us and where we are going? Places that are closer to the equator will have stronger rays than places further away. You also need to think about your skin type and choose a sunscreen that is suitable for it. Otherwise, you’ll get sunburn, and that is never fun on vacation!
  • Bring Entertainment: As much as you might enjoy laying on the beach, you don’t want to do it all day long. So packing some books or magazines are a must. You might like to bring a pack of card and do a card game or two on the beach. You could also pack things like a bat and ball. It will make such a difference when you’ve got some things to keep you entertained and interested on the beach.
  • Try Watersports: You can’t be sat on a beach and not go in the sea. Swimming is great, but it is, even more fun, if you get to experience some water sports. You could hire a boat or a body board. You could get a snorkel and a watersports toy and go exploring the ocean. You could go on jet skies or other fun watersports. They can be relatively inexpensive to hire but make the trip much more enjoyable.

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  • Put Aloe Vera In the Fridge: Before you head out to the beach, make sure that you have some aloe vera. It is even better if you can store it in the fridge. Then when you come back, you can apply it to your warm skin, and it will feel so refreshing on it.
  • Use Baby Powder: It can be so uncomfortable when you have left the beach but still have sand all over your feet. Using baby powder and rubbing it on your feet or legs (wherever there is sand), helps the sand to just drop off. It leaves your skin feeling pretty smooth too. Just make sure that you use it when your feet are dry!
  • Hide Your Valuables: This goes without saying, but make sure that you hide your valuables. Don’t leave anything on show for others to see, especially if you are in a foreign country and have things like passport and cash.
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