Make Achieving Your Bucket List a Reality

We all have a list of places we really want to go and see before we die. In fact, our bucket list might be full of things we dream of doing like walking the great wall of China and getting to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. But as much as we want to make our bucket list happen, it can be hard to see everywhere. After all, money, relationships, and jobs can often hold us back. But now is the best time to go travel while you are in your 20’s before you settle down in your life. While you might think it’s impossible, there are some ways to get through your bucket list. In fact, here are some ways you can make achieving your bucket list a reality.

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Look into house swaps in different countries

One thing which often holds us back when it comes to travel is the cost of accommodation. After all, it can be an expensive cost to stay a few nights in a hotel. And a lot of us can’t afford the rising costs of rooms, so it means travel is a no-go. But if you really want to make your dreams a reality, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a hotel. In fact, there are some cheaper options which mean you get to still visit amazing destinations. For one thing, you should consider doing a house swap with someone else in one of your bucket list countries. They might fancy a week or two in your country, while you get to go and explore their wonderful world. Obviously, you have to do some checks before you let someone stay at your house, and you turn up at yours. But it can be a cheap way to discover another country. Or you might even consider being a house sitter for a couple of weeks. People don’t like to leave their home occupied for a long period. So they look for someone to stay at their home for a couple of weeks. Therefore, you will have free accommodation while you will be free to explore the area!

Go traveling on your own

Another thing which stops people from going to their dream place is their beau. After all, your other half might not be interested in going to a certain destination. Or they might not be able to take time off work to visit the area. And then it can stop you from achieving your travel dream if your other half doesn’t want to go. However, it’s good to be selfish sometimes when it comes to travel. If your partner can’t make it, it might be worth asking them if they would mind if you go on your own. After all, you are only young once, so you want to get your travel in before it’s too late. And you don’t want to look back with regret you didn’t visit certain places. Once you have agreed with your other half, you can start booking your trip. If you are a bit nervous about going on your own, you could look into some form of singles holidays. A lot of people make the error of thinking they have to be single to go. But a lot of people who want to travel solo go on these to do something for themselves for a change. It means you get to go and make your dreams a reality but have the backup of other travelers, so you are not entirely on your own!

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Save, save, save

Money often puts people off from achieving their bucket list. After all, when it comes to booking flights, transport and food, it can end up costing you a small fortune. And then it might stop you from going to countries that are the other side of the world like Australia. But it’s not impossible to get the funds to make your bucket list a reality. For one thing, you should start a savings account and put money aside in there every month. After all, saving is the key to having enough funds to go traveling to amazing places. Make cuts in your life to ensure you can put money aside every month. And make sure you choose a bank with a good interest plan on their saving accounts, so you will be earning money as you put it in every month. Then, you can ask friends and family to put money in your savings account when it comes to birthdays & Christmas!

Go budget with your travel

A lot of people make the mistake of not going for budget in an attempt to make their traveling plans a reality. However, if you are willing to doss it for a couple of nights, you might be able to see amazing places. For example, you could sleep in a campervan on the side of a beach. Or you could even get a tent which you can pitch in amazing places. And don’t rule out hostels when it comes to travel. They offer a cheap solution to accommodation, and they are often filled with other travelers who will make your traveling experience a good one. As for the sights, it’s worth looking for free tours by locals. After all, the main tours can often be expensive!

Work in a different country

If you have almost given up on your bucket list, you should consider working in your dream destination to make your travel plans a reality. After all, you could go to a great country via an internship or work placement. And while you might have to spend a whole lot of the time working, you will have free time where you can explore the fantastic place. And when you have visited your work, you can see the funds to travel around the country to see everything else it has to offer!

And remember going on a jet plane isn’t the only way to get to certain countries. After all, it’s often the most expensive form of transport. Therefore, look into alternate travel routes like going a ship or the train to get to your dream place without breaking the bank!

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