Mickey Mouse, Acrobats, and Much More Await in Shanghai

If you’re looking to go somewhere different on your next vacation, you might want to consider heading to China and visiting a beautiful, vibrant, urban paradise. Welcome to Shanghai where nothing is quite as it seems. Here are a few facts I bet you didn’t know about this exciting city and I’m sure by the end of this post you’re going to be itching to explore it.

The Best Disneyland Ever?

If you don’t believe me ask your favorite Disney fanatic, they’ll tell you. The city has invested millions into making sure the theme park beats its rivals in numerous ways. Take a look at this video on to see exactly what I mean. At the start of the ride, it might seem like your typical log flume. But by the middle, guests have dived underwater, been caught between two pirate ships and faced a Kraken. It beats the original ride in almost every single way possible, and it’s certainly not the only reason Shanghai is better.

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There’s also the stage shows including, and this is absolutely true, a full performance of The Lion King broadway musical!

Fancy A Ski Holiday?

Well, you can go skiing in Shanghai in the middle of summer. They have one of the largest indoor ski arenas in the world. You’ll find it at the Yinqixing Indoor Skiing Site, and it is quite spectacular with snow that looks like the real deal. The jumps are pretty impressive too, and you’ll certainly have fun rocketing down those artificial slopes.

The Food Is To Die For

If you love your Chinese food prepare for your taste buds to squeal with glee. The cuisine in Shanghai is generally considered to be some of the best available across all of China. It’s also quite similar in style to the Chinese food that you’ll find from your local takeaway. The only difference is that this is the real deal. It’s completely authentic, and you’ll definitely notice the difference in taste once you get over there.

Gaze Up At Incredible Acrobats

Yes, you’ll find a theater filled with them in the middle of Shanghai. Their feats are incredible, their skill tremendous and their stunts? Absolutely breathtaking but you need to see them to believe it. Definitely, make this one of your first stops when you visit the city. You won’t be disappointed. It’s just one of the sights that previous tourists recommend, and you can visit for more info on other possibilities. Or, you can book a trip and uncover your own adventures in Shanghai.

Perfect On Shoestring

Finally, you might think that Shanghai is quite an expensive holiday destination. There’s no getting away from the costs of places like Disney, but you can cheapen your stay. There are lots of great hostels in the city perfect for students, with low prices and a comfortable stay. So, if you want a cheap and cheerful vacation filled with unique experiences and wonder visit Shanghai, you won’t be disappointed.

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