No Crying on the Teardrop – Discover Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that is often looked over in favour of its bigger cousin India, that sits directly above it on the map. 50 times smaller than India, it also has 1 billion fewer people living there – it is nowhere near as densely populated, which immediately gives you the correct air that this is a place where you can easily relax. It has so much to offer that you’ll wonder why the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ was never on your list of top countries to visit…

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Flora & Fauna

The wildlife in Sri Lanka can be heralded as one of its main attractions. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, these warm waters are a haven for marine creatures and you can spot everything from dolphins to humpback and even the impossible huge blue whales gliding nonchalantly through the water. Indian Elephants live all over the island and the beautiful tropical countryside provides amazing views for a safari tour on the back of one of these majestic creatures. Sri Lanka Holiday Packages are available for you to be able to pick and choose activities such as whale watching and elephant-led tours, allowing you to organise your time effectively before you arrive to your destination.

The capital city, Colombo, is a hub of excitement and things to explore, and as such has a lot on offer for tourists. It is a prime example of a beautiful clash of old and new traditions meeting within the city, and you may be able to spot exquisite Buddhist monuments nestled between minimalistic skyscrapers towering over the skyline. Despite its metropolitan groundings, there are things such as parks and lakes on offer should the hustle and bustle of the city be overwhelming you; Galle Face Green lies along the coast which offers a change of scenery, and Viharamahadevi Park, situated next to the National Museum, allows a temporary tranquil escape. Being a sea port city, there is a great selection of seafood restaurants to arouse your temptation – a traditional fish curry is a must to try.

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Get Your Innings…

Sri Lanka is famous for its cricket, and whereas it’s not the national sport (that titles goes to volleyball) the enthusiasm for it far outweighs anything other sport and it is the most popular game throughout the nation. It is one of only ten nations who compete in test cricket. Why not try and see if you can catch a cricket match during your stay? Formerly the underdogs of the cricket world, their national team is now world-famous and has won the World Cup five times … you could go and see a piece of history in action!

If relaxing walks around and scenic tours aren’t your thing and you prefer a bit more of a buzz and some action going on, the Kelani River in the small town of Kitulgala is world-famous for white water rafting. Thrillseekers will get their kicks from flying down the water and it is inevitable that you will fall in at some point – due to the two monsoons Kitulgala gets per year, the water is fast-flowing and takes no prisoners!

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