Out on the Ocean: Fun Ways to Enjoy the Water on your Next Vacation

Is there anything better than being out on the water? It’s such a feeling of freedom; it can be relaxing or exciting depending on what you’re doing, and it allows you to explore destinations in a whole different way. While visiting attractions, weaving through bustling markets and lying on the beach can be a fun way to spend a vacation- this year why not make the most of the water while you’re away? Here are some of the ways you can go about it.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

With incredible alien-like creatures (and the fact that it’s largely undisturbed by humans) getting to see the world under the ocean is always fascinating experience. Whether you want to stay close to the surface with a snorkel or dive deep on a scuba tour is up to you, either way, you won’t be disappointed. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is a destination on many people’s bucket lists, and is a particularly great spot for diving and exploring under the ocean. The ‘Great Blue Hole’ in Belize and The Grand in the Bahamas are also well-known spots for their scuba diving experiences. In Hawaii, you can do a night dive in Kona which allows you to swim with side manta rays. These rays are gentle and have no way to bite or sting humans, so it’s a completely safe experience.

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Surfing and Paddle Boarding

If you’re after something adventurous and active, surfing will be right up your street! If you’re a beginner, you could book some surf lessons to teach you the techniques you need to get started. Paddle boarding is another fun sport, it teaches you balance and builds core strength, plus it and allows you to get out there and enjoy the water without having to contend with huge waves! Sites like iSup Boarder have more information on the sport if it’s something you’re hoping to try. You could take an inflatable board with you, this would be easy to travel with. That way you can enjoy the activity anywhere in the world without the need to hire equipment.

Swim With Whales, Sharks or Dolphins

Getting up close and personal to some of the most awe-inspiring creatures in the ocean is something you’re never likely to forget. One place where you’ll find tons of dolphin swimming experiences is Florida, whether it’s in the theme parks, dolphin conservation centers or even wild dolphins. You might imagine whales and sharks to be bloodthirsty killers, but actually many species are extremely docile, making this a safe activity to enjoy. If you’d like more of a hint of danger instead, you can go cage diving and have the experience of great whites circling you!

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Jet Skiing and Parasailing

If you’re visiting a tourist area, these kind of fun activities are likely to be on offer. If you spot them, be sure to take advantage! Both are thrilling, extremely exciting and a great way to take advantage of being by the ocean. Kids as young as six are able to enjoy parasailing (proving a parent or guardian signs a liability waiver) so it’s something fun for all the family. You have to be sixteen to operate a jet ski, although someone over eighteen will need to rent it out. Great if you have older teens looking for some excitement while you’re away!


A laid back and relaxing activity you could enjoy on your next trip is fishing. Lots of places will have the equipment to hire, or if you’re a keen fisher then could consider bringing kit along with you. America’s National Parks are great places to visit if you love to fish, although just about anywhere with a large lake, river or ocean would work. Be sure to check what licenses you need before casting a line, many places you’ll need to buy a permit, but they’re easy to apply for and not too expensive.

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With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, spending time on a boat out on the waters is simply unbeatable. You could hire a private yacht and throw a party, or just spend time relaxing on the water. More luxurious destinations like Miami or Dubai are fantastic for this, and you won’t struggle finding yacht charters to book. It’s definitely not a budget option but well worth it if you want to ‘push the boat out’- so to speak! You could book a barge or canal trip in the winding canals of Amsterdam, go on a glass bottom boat in a tropical ocean, or a booze cruise which are popular in many places in Europe. You could even hire a kayak or rowing boat and take to the water. Regardless of where you are in the world, you’re sure to find some kind of boating adventure whether it’s on the ocean, lake, river or canal. You could make a boating adventure a small part of your trip, or base the entire trip around it.


If you love the ocean, what better way to enjoy it than going on a cruise. You get all of the luxuries of the boat taking you from destination to destination, and between stops can enjoy the incredible view and relax from the deck of the ship. Cruise vacations fell out of fashion for a while and became known as the type of trip enjoyed by older adults. However more and more younger people and families have started booking them again in recent years- and with fleets of new luxury ships being created, it’s no wonder. You’re essentially traveling on a floating five-star hotel! 

When you’re planning the itinerary for your trip, be sure to include some time spent out on the water! You’ll see some awesome sights, and it’s the chance to see your destination from a completely different perspective.


What vacations or trips do you have booked this year? Do you have any of these activities on your list of things to try?

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