On The Rocks: Amazing No-Filter Hiking Trips In The Canadian Rockies

Stretching more than 3,000 miles from tip to tip this infamous North American mountain range is truly a force to be reckoned with. Year after year hikers, backpackers, and travelers as well as families and couples come to test their mettle, witness stunning scenery and experience nature at her very finest. With so many incredible trails to choose from it can be hard to pick the best, so to make things simple these are the Rockies trips that’ll take your breath away.

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Mt. Assiniboine

It’s also known as the Matterhorn of North America and, is in fact, the sixth highest peak in the Rockies but it’s not just that that’ll get you filling out your visit Canada ETA quicker than a ski school zooming down the slopes! The entire area is also a giant National Park. Lots of tourists come on foot, horseback and even via helicopter to visit the beautiful alpine lakes, hike the various peaks and lie in the wildflower-filled meadows of the valleys. For an extra special vacation why not stay at the Assiniboine Lodge? This luxury homestead caters to all visitors and allows for easy day trips into the heart of the park, while still experiencing five-star service, a comfy bed and running hot water. However, if you aren’t afraid of roughing it there are loads of campsites to suit every budget as well as the option to visit both the Citadel and Wonder passes. Nature can, of course, be unpredictable here so do check the weather forecast before you head off.

Skyline Trail

One of the most spectacular hiking trails the Skyline path winds its way around the Jasper National Park. Starting at Maligne Lake, over two-thirds of the trail offers hikers glorious uninterrupted views of the mountain peaks as well as being one of Canada’s premier backpacking spots. Due to its jaw-dropping hike route, the Skyline trail is incredibly popular as well as being only accessible for two months of the year. The snows leave the area in late July, while campsites and lodges have been booked up since Christmas and you’ll only have until September, when the weather changes, to complete the trail. Be aware, although the Skyline is worth the wait you should be in relatively good shape as the trail’s steepness can vary.

Berg Lake

This really is a trail like no other. Looking for bright, bold sunshine? Midnight blue alpine lakes? Majestic snow-capped mountains in the distance? You’ve come all the way to Canada, so you want to see something you’ll remember forever right? The Lake Berg trail gives you all that and more with the chance to see for yourself the mighty Mount Robson, 3000 metres high and the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains. The mountain is so vast it even creates its own climate, so watch out as the weather can turn pretty nasty fairly quickly! The Lake Berg trail itself is full of fascinating flora and fauna, from Robson Lake and a mini rainforest of cedar and elm, to rushing, sparkling waterfalls, dark, dense forests and ever twisting, turning paths.

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