Paper Planes: Books to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Ever seen the wild, Rocky Mountains of North America? Been stuck due to blizzard near a small Icelandic fishing village? Or lost yourself in the sights, smells and sounds of India? The chances are you haven’t if you have you’re very lucky, but the magic of the written word means that even if you haven’t experienced it, while you’re reading you feel like you are. Not only does the character go on a journey but you’re there right alongside them so if you’re looking for inspiration for your next travel adventure then read on!

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Written by Cheryl Strayed and now a major motion picture starring none other than Reese Witherspoon Wild is for the real traveller. Based on her experiences while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, despite having no prior experience, Cheryl, saddened by her mother’s death, struggling with her relationship and unsatisfied at work sets off. Her solo mission is to hike through the Mojave Desert, California and Oregon all the way up to Washington State without any help. We’re not saying head off into the mountains, but if you’re struggling with a big decision then the wide open spaces, clean, fresh air and new experiences to be found in America can go some way to helping you see things in a different light.

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Eat Pray Love

Starring none other than Julia Roberts, the film is based on a novel that takes us on the incredible true journey of Elizabeth Gilbert as she looks to recover after an unexpected divorce. From the winding streets of Italy to the peaceful temples of India and the tropical shores of Bali the book allows you to compare three different countries. One of the most spiritual places on earth is India and many head to South Asia to seek enlightenment, answers to personal questions or to explore its rich history. India’s also home to over 1.252 billion people and a kaleidoscope of cultures. There are tonnes of things to see but look here for

14 places to visit in India as well as seeing the most romantic monument in the world the Taj Mahal. Why not try your hand at Bhangra music and Indian dancing or sampling spicy curry the way it’s meant to be eaten?

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Memoirs Of A Geisha

The book allows the reader to peek into the mysterious, hidden world of the Japanese Geisha, women who are skilled in the art of dance, tea ceremony and performing musical concerts. Written by Arthur Golden and although this novel is entirely fictional, the experiences, training and clients he describes are all too real and have been collected from those who used to be Geisha. However, the star attraction of the book has to be Japan, a stunning land of the tea ceremony, cherry blossoms, colourful kimonos, little shoes and rice balls. Why not discover the joy of bathing in an Onsen, or Japanese bath house for yourself? Then visit the design district of Ginza, Tokyo to check out the latest Japanese styles along with popping into a noodle house where you can tuck into a bowl of steaming hot ramen.

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