Putting The ‘Ad’ Before Your Ventures

Knowing that you want to travel is only one part of the equation. The biggest puzzle in your mind is likely where to begin and how many places to see. Unfortunately, the majority of us who aren’t millionaires are limited by our meager funds and perhaps even the amount of time we can take off work or school to travel. That means the decision has to be given some thought and planning to ensure that it can be afforded and that everything you want to see can be seen within a set amount of time.

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This is supposed to be an adventure, and it won’t be as fun if you’re fretting every five minutes about whether you’re meeting your deadlines or how much money you’ve spent. Putting a solid plan in place now for a list of places you’re going to visit and a budget which more than covers the expenditures will mean you can put your mind at ease as you jet off and see the wonderful sights of the world. If you want a little help with putting the ‘ad’ before your ventures, then here are some tips for the best places to see for those with the explorer mentality.


If you like a healthy dose of culture with your adventure, then Burma is definitely the place to be. Travelers with an appetite for adrenaline-fuelled expeditions have certainly come to love this place for its ‘Burma by Bike’ experience. Not only could you go and see fascinating villages on Inle lake or travel to Mandalay, which is the only remaining royal capital of Burma, but you could do so by bike. There’s no better way to turn a rich and cultural experience into something even more exciting and exhilarating.


Not content with just being a pretty face, Mozambique has far more to offer than simply stunning sights, although that is a good bragging point. In recent years, this South African destination has developed into a popular tourist destination for its surfing appeal. This makes complete sense, as the endless, gloriously-white beaches encompassed by the most vividly blue water is the perfect spot to catch some of the mighty waves which crash onto the shore. As much of the coast has still yet to be developed, this is the perfect time for an adventurer to greedily snatch up all the waves for themselves, as there’s plenty of coastline for surfers to have their own private experience. Mozambique might have been an unexpected suggestion, but that’s because it’s an unexpected gem amidst other popular travel destinations.

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This often-overlooked country in Great Britain is packed full of more opportunities for adventure than you might think on the surface. Okay, so it’s a calm and soothing landscape of sleepy, rolling hills and beautiful countryside, but that doesn’t mean it’s dull. You could search for some stand up paddle boards and have a unique experience racing down the rapids of the River Dee. Wales is not quite the sleepy, slow-moving place it might seem on the surface, but, like any place you visit on your travels, you just need to look for hidden gems in every nook and cranny. The beauty of Wales, unlike other places on this list, is that it’s a relatively small country and you’ll find it rather easy to travel from one side to the other in a few hours. There aren’t so many limits in terms of how much you can see during your visit compared to other locations on your travels.

San Francisco, California.

There’s a chance you’ll visit more than one place when you see America, which I’m guessing you will. I wouldn’t blame you, as there’s just far too much to soak up in this mammoth country. Every state, in fact, is essentially a country in itself. Of course, the most famous location and a great place to begin is San Francisco. This is a great little spot for the adventurers among you. It’s a very small city, and many in the area refer to it as more of a ‘small town’, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t packed full of things to see and do. The famous Golden Gate Bridge is worth seeing, of course, but spots such as San Bruno Mountain State Park are also worth visiting if you want a real adventure. Hiking trails and places to relax for picnics make this a worthy stopping point for the explorers amongst you. All in all, this is just a great city to unwind and experience something new. It’s a friendly, arty and creative environment full of welcoming people. It’s definitely the place to be for the chilled out traveller, and you shouldn’t be deceived by its size. San Francisco is one of the densest cities you’ll find in America, and it’s packed full of history and culture in every crevice. Take a stroll around its streets, and see what you find. You might just surprise yourself.

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The Peruvian Amazon.

For the explorer who watched too many adventure films as a child, perhaps the idea of visiting the Peruvian Amazon is more on the level of exploration you’re craving. You could join a team of citizen scientists on one of their expeditions and pretend that you too are uncovering unknown treasures in the Amazon. Who knows? You very well might. Still, even if you don’t, there’s something quite eye-opening and mesmerising about witnessing the numerous cats, primates and other wild species present in rainforests. It’s likely going to be far more transfixing than any picture or film you might have seen.

Arctic Finland.

Perhaps the forests of Arctic Finland are more your style if you prefer colder climates to the warmth of most rainforests. An adventure is still an adventure, whether it’s warm or cold, and there’s certainly lots to be experienced in the Finnish wilderness. You could enjoy tons of winter activities in the snow-covered forests dog sledding, snowmobile safaris or perhaps simply skiing if you’re exhausted from the rest of your travels and you simply want to take on a challenge you know you can handle.

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