Screen Junkies: Movie Locations You Can Visit in Real Life.

Ever wanted to tour the famous, fictional village of Hobbiton? Walk down majestic stone stairs into the great Hall of Hogwarts? Visit the church where Maria Von Trapp married the Captain in The Sound Of Music? These days, even though much of what we see on screen has been constructed especially, or created via green screen, there are still a few places where you can see the iconic scenery, landmarks, and buildings of your favorite films!

New Zealand

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This vast, beautiful and unique country became the backdrop to many a scene in J.R.R.Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Who can forget the rolling hills of The Shire, so similar to acres of green farmland found in rural England? While many of the sets no longer exist, the contract stated the landscape would be returned to its original state after filming; it is still possible to travel to the North Island. Where you can head to visit the Hobbiton movie set in Matamata, where you’ll be able to see for yourself many Shire landmarks such as the Green Dragon Pub, The Mill, and some very familiar Hobbit Holes!


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Mamma Mia is now not only a smash hit Broadway musical but is also a star-studded must-see movie. The story takes place on the entirely fictional Greek Island of Kalokairi, where a young woman, Sophie, is getting married and having read her mother’s old diaries invites three men, one of whom she believes is her father, to the wedding without her mother knowing. Hilarity ensues but perhaps the real star is the tiny, pine scented island of Skopelos where scenes were filmed. This beautiful, remote and somewhat exclusive island is so small it has no airport of its own, so you’ll need to fly into Skiathos & then hop aboard the ferry which takes around an hour.


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We know that this one’s cheating a little, but we couldn’t talk about norway summer tours without mentioning the animated Disney juggernaut that’s Frozen. The magical kingdom of Arendelle is definitely fictional, but there is a little town in Norway called ‘Arendal’ which isn’t quite as pretty. However, due to its position, architecture and climate many have suggested Arendelle is inspired by Bergen, a beautiful Norwegian city in Western Norway. Here, Bergen with its colorful buildings, Hanseatic wooden architecture and bustling merchant harbor along with her small population could easily be mistaken for Queen Elsa’s kingdom.


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For Harry Potter fans there are a plethora of places to visit where key scenes from the globally renowned films were shot. Why not visit the sandstone village of Castle Combe used in broomstick flying shots? Elsewhere, Oxford University’s prestigious Bodleian Library doubled as the actual Hogwarts library, while the fan vaulted School Of Divinity was transformed into the Hogwarts hospital wing at the top of the magnificent castle. Of course, no Harry Potter location tour could be complete without a little visit to where it all began, platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station. Sadly, no such platform exists but you’ll definitely recognize the arches between platforms four and five.

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