Seeing Ghana Through the Eyes of a Local.

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If you’ve recently left college or university, you probably have friends jetting around the world to see new sights and take in the splendor of our home. But, for a lot of people, this sort of trip is far too expensive. And, most holidays don’t give you a true sense of the actual country. Instead, you see a fabricated version designed to impress tourists. But, there could be a way to solve both of these problems; volunteering. In recent years, loads of volunteering opportunities have opened up in the heart of Africa, within the beautiful country of Ghana.

You’ll be living in a small village like Sirigu or Bolgatanga which will allow you to see the true lives of Ghanaian residents. You’ll have to deal with the lack of amenities that these places have. And, you’ll get to see the night sky like never before. Of course, there are pros and cons about this sort of living. And, it’s not for everyone. So, you have to think very carefully about whether something like this would be for you before taking the plunge. It’s much harder to back out of something when you’re there. And, you’ll feel like you wasted a lot of time.

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If you volunteer in Ghana, you’ll most likely be placed in a host home. This means that you’ll be living with local people, within a local home. This gives you a chance to truly live the life of a Ghanaian. You’ll eat the food, sleep in the huts, and you’ll be given your fair share of the work. Of course, you’ll still have access to things like the internet. But, you’ll definitely struggle to find somewhere with a flushing toilet. Living like this will also give you a great chance to soak up the local atmosphere and life. Over time, you’ll be living the life of a local. Some of these volunteer trips last several months. So, you’ll have enough time to truly engage in the culture and learn a thing or two about life.

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During your stay, it won’t be all work and no play. You’ll be taken to some of Ghana’s most tranquil and interesting points of interest. From crocodile parks claiming to have the friendliest crocs in the world. To huge rock formations in the middle of flat lands. Most of the sights that you can see in Ghana are breathtaking. The natural landscape is so different to what most people are used to. So, it gives you a chance to see a different land, as well. Even the trees will be a feast for the eyes, in Ghana.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to pack your bags and hop on a flight. Most of these trips are fully arranged for you, and you will just have to raise some money before you go. Once you’ve saved, though, you’ll find loads of great opportunities ahead. You just have to work hard and go with a good spirit.

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