Sight Unseen: How to Vlog Your Gap Year

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Making the leap from student in secondary school to student in university is often bridged by being a student of the world during a gap year. Gap years serve as a kind of ‘coming of age’ time in your life. It’s your chance to go out into the world and gain some culture, experience and have a really good time while you do it. Choosing to write about your gap year experiences can mean you have a set in stone adventure that you can share for the rest of your life. Not only that, but university interviewers are sure to be impressed by your wealth of experience and culture when you apply for their institution. This will stand you in good stead to get the place you want for the time you want to start.

For most students-in-waiting, a gap year is a time for change. To get out of mum and dad’s house and go somewhere far flung in the world to discover who you really are is the biggest transition a person can make in their life. So how do you document this huge experience? Well, social media has come on in leaps and bounds and blogging online has involved into vlogging: video blogging. Most people haven’t heard of it but if you a YouTube fan you may well be following some exciting video blogs. With all topics out there, one of the most popular for gap year students is a travel blog.

The best thing you can use for an effective and well filmed vlog is the purchase of a Go Pro. Gap year vlogs can allow you to expand your social networking presence and by using sites like Socifollower you can grow your appearance on Instagram, which is fast becoming the leading social networking site. You not only will reach other people interested in the places you will travel to, you’ll also be able to increase your ability to network!

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On a gap year, most people look for employment to fund their way through and by keeping an online vlog, you’ll be able to reach out to new contacts for work and you’ll also be able to keep a diary of your journey. A gap year doesn’t have to stop you developing professionally and universities are always impressed by the life experience that comes with a student application. A vlog can help you keep a live, recorded journal of your experiences abroad.

Starting a travel blog takes work as sometimes you may not have the ability to post depending on where you are planning to travel. However, with the right video equipment you could vlog as much as you like and upload as and when you are able to. You can also wear a Go Pro on your person so you’re hands free while you explore. You can stay connected to your followers and use hashtags in appropriate ways to be able to promote your adventure while you’re traveling. Give yourself an online presence as well as have something in video to remember for the rest of your life.

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