Singapore’s Best Kept Secrets.

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Asia is the world’s largest continent and home to a diverse range of culture.  One of the hottest destinations in Asia has to be Singapore.  A country full of colour and vibrancy that also offers the misty romance of old china town.  

With sharp contrasts between new and ancient architecture, Singapore has more to offer the traveller hungry to inhale a culture, than anywhere else in the world.  However it is the mysterious nature of the place that truly captivates you and draws you in, eager for more.  We’re going to take a look at a few of the must see places this hidden gem has to offer.

Night Safari and River Safari.

Getting to see wild nocturnal animals is a rarity indeed, these creatures tend to be shy and sensitive to the sounds and threats around them.  The Night and River safari offer you an unforgettable experience which also includes one of the world’s most colourful aquariums.  As the moon lights the way you will see the tropical jungle as you could never even imagine.  You’ll get a real taste of wildlife from across Asia which will inspire you to visit other parts of this amazing continent.

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Singapore Botanical Gardens

Many travellers who have visited Singapore, return in awe of the vivid contrasts and sheer illuminance of the country.  One place to see the real colours of Singapore shine through is the Botanical Gardens.  Set in the heart of the city, it’s almost reminiscent of Central Park in the states.  Free for families to walk or jog around, dogs are welcome.

It is a tradition for Singapore to name orchids after dignitaries and celebrities who have contributed significantly to society so take a look at the National Orchid Garden.  These exotic looking coloured plants are a real treat to the eyes.  The Singapore Symphony Orchestra holds free concerts in the park, merging a treat with your eyes with one for your ears and delivering an awakening of the senses. Just by the gardens you will find Cedele Bakery Cafe, one of the country’s coolest spots to eat.

The Sky Tower

One of the best ways to view Singapore is by jumping on board a cable car and heading up on a pretty fast ascent to the Sky Tower.  It is the tallest viewing platform in the whole of Asia and offers panoramic views unlike any other.  Just as dramatic from the ground too, the tower is light up at night giving you a visual experience like no other. This impressive piece of architecture was manufactured in Germany, Europe and took 6 months to build.  It was then reassembled in Singapore within 12 weeks!

Other attractions worth visiting include the Singapore Flyer, a big wheel rivalling the London Eye.  Also Universal Studios have a home here, offering you the chance to enjoy the movies of the big screen in this globally recognised theme park.  It is a country that offers a little bit of everything to all members of the family and will leave you hungry for more.  

So get it on your bucket list and experience the magic of Asia for yourself.

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