Start Your Blog Right With These Beginner Blogger Basics


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Blogging is a fantastic activity which anyone can do. It’s a space where you can post about your personal hobbies or interests. A travel blog is an excellent idea for anyone who loves to traverse the world. But whatever you write about, blogging can give you valuable writing experience and add something unique to your resumé.

It isn’t hard to create a basic blog, but you might want to take it further. If you want an appealing and successful blog that draws people in, you might need to take some extra steps. Here are some of the things that can help you with building your blog.

Decide What It’s About

Before anything else, you’ll want to decide what kind of things you’ll write about on your blog. If you’re writing for your business, this step is simple enough. But you’ll still want to consider what kind of content you’ll put up.

Many blogs have articles about business, home improvement, sports, and fashion. You might even want to start a niche blog that caters to unique interests. A lot of blogs start off with articles about everything then streamline their audience as time goes on.

Knowing exactly who you’re catering to can help you make your blog bigger. You can work on becoming the most popular blog in your chosen field. The best approach is to write about something you know a lot about.

Choose A Great Name

Once you know what your blog is about, you’ll want a name that stands out. Don’t just choose something plain like ‘Joe’s Blog’. Think about blogs that you visit, and which names make an impact on you.

When you think of a name, carry out a domain search to see if it’s available. If you can get your name in .com format, it’s likely to be a hit. Otherwise, you may want to look into some other ideas. Choose something that’s catchy and reflects your blog well.

Style It Up

You’ll want a blog that’s easy-to-use and looks good for users. Think about what kind of colors you want to use and how you want it to look.

Although free blogging sites often offer designs, these are generic and used by many people. It’s better to get something unique and original for your blog. You may want to look into web design services to get a design suited to your blog.

It doesn’t have to be too complicated- but a space for blogs and an eye-catching header are important. You might also want sidebars and widgets, such as an ‘About’ section and social media links.

Get Blogging

With everything in place, the only thing left to do is to get blogging! Start writing interesting articles that are likely to grab people’s attention. You might want to look at similar blogs for ideas, but make sure the things you write have your own unique spin.

You should also promote your writings through social media. It’s easy to share your content on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networks. It will help you build an audience and start generating traffic for your blog.

Disclaimer: This post was part of a collaborative effort.

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