Stylish Travel On A Budget: Is It Possible?

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For those who love to travel, it is often true that the way in which they do so is not so important. If you are a true jet-head, you might say that you don’t care how you get there, so long as you do. But often this very perspective is borne out of a misunderstanding; namely, the idea that you have to sacrifice something if you want to travel cheaply. As it turns out, travelling in style doesn’t mean that you have to splash out at every turn – and although a longer trip might require you to cut back slightly, in general you can achieve a surprising level of style and comfort with relatively little money and not much in the way of an itinerary. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how.

The Hotel

So, it makes sense to look at the various aspects of the holiday in question and see how we can make them cheaper but without sacrificing the quality at all. With some parts of travelling, such as the hotel, this can sometimes seem to be impossible – but nothing could be further from the truth. It is perfectly plausible to land a comfortable and stylish hotel without paying through the nose for it. A good example is the kind of humble yet classy establishment you get in small towns, such as the Best Western Plus Landmark Inn. Going for this kind of range ensures that you are neither slumming it, nor spending your yearly wages on a night away. Get the balance right, and you will be delighted with your travelling experience by night.

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The Transport

The received wisdom is usually that, in order to enjoy an inexpensive holiday, you need to book everything far in advance. There might be some truth to the notion of booking early to save money, but how can you marry that with the need to lead an adventurous and spontaneous life? If you are the kid of traveller who wants to just go at the drop of a hat, then how can you make sure you are saving money in the process? One way is to save up air miles as you go. You might be surprised at how quickly these accumulate, so long as you remember you have them, and before you know it you might easily be able to afford a relatively luxurious flight to your next destination. It’s also always worth considering alternative travel options to the usual. Classy and stylish ships, boats and even automobiles are often fine solutions for traveling across any kind of distance, and usually cheaper than flying.

The Timescale

A hugely important part of trying to keep your budget working is to pay attention to the timescale of your trip. For each traveling leg, make sure that you are choosing a suitable length. You want it to be long enough that you can relish in the experience of travel itself, but not so long that you won’t be able to afford to do so. When trying to get the most for your money, considering length of trip is an often overlooked, but powerful, way of marrying those disparate ends.

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