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So, you’ve decided to travel Greece and see the many wonders that are there. But, there are certain things you need to know to ensure your trip is a successful one. First, it isn’t an English speaking country such as Australia. But there are other things you need to know about which can help you. Greece and its is islands really are stunning, but you need to be sure you can navigate everything with safety. There is simply so much to see that it can be overpowering which means you may need to plan everything out. This guide can see you through. You may have already thought about many of the issues you will face, yet it could open your eyes to other things that may be pertinent to your travel. Have a look and see.


If you are solely traveling Greece for any kind of period then you should try to familiarize yourself with the language before you go. Luckily, the majority of Greeks speak great English. But out of respect you should try to learn it. Greece is one of the most oldest languages on the planet. It predates even Latin. In fact, Latin has many Greek aspects to it due to the Romans admiring all things Greek, or hellenistic. It can be confusing because unlike Latin it has a different alphabet. You can find out how to learn any language by Upgraded Points. Even if you just pick up the basics like yes or no, you will be doing yourself a great service. If you learn to read the basics too you can follow road signs and appreciate maps all the better. Get a grasp of it before you go. However weak. You can then be more confident in your dealings with people from the country.


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You must remember the Greek economy is in a bit of trouble, so try to bear this in mind on your journey. In some places you may see inflated prices and in others people desperate for your custom. Try to be understanding. But be aware, it could increase criminality putting you at risk of muggings and pickpockets, especially if you are clearly an outsider. Be careful, never flash your money and keep that and your vital documents like your passport and tickets somewhere pickpockets can’t easily access. In some areas it is better than others. For example areas frequently visited by tourists does better due to the money tourists bring. But to truly get a taste of Greece you will venture away from these areas. All you need to do is be careful and respectful and you will be fine.

Plan In Advance

Greece is not a place you can just arrive in and wing your whole journey. The countries mainland is easy enough to navigate, with some mountainous terrain being hard to climb but that is it. The issues come with the many islands belonging to Greece. Some are large and fairly easy to access but the smaller ones are harder to do so. Plan it all out in advance so you won’t be disappointed. You will be able to get flight tickets to some of the islands but for others you may need to get a boat ride. Learn all the times and stop offs so you can make the right decision. Don’t open yourself up to being stranded on one of these islands without nowhere to sleep or you may end up paying exorbitant hotel charges. Planning eliminates all kinds of problems. You’ll want to research things like museum opening hours and the best times to see certain things. There may be festivals you want to see, so make sure they occur during the time you travel. Things simple things make a huge difference to your trip.

Know Your Areas Of Culture

As you are going to Greece, you will likely already know a lot about their culture. But you need to know where the best places are so that you don’t miss them. Some of the Greek ruins are easier to access than others, but you should plan your whole trip out around them. This means you can see far all Greece has to offer while following a predetermined route throughout the country. Some of the best are on the mainland, such as Delphi, the ancient oracle site where kings and poor men alike travelled for an insight into the will of the gods. The sunset here is something special, looking out over the grassy Greek plains as you watch the sun dip into the horizon will stay with you for life. Another pull of the mainland is the Athenian Acropolis. Acropolis is Greek for high city, it was the main place of business for the ancient Athenians. When you are there don’t forget to check out one of the many museums. Especially the Acropolis museum. The islands hold wonders of equal wonder. The palace of Knossos on Crete is a wondrous insight into the Minoan civilization which vanished in mysterious circumstances, believed to be a natural disaster or invasion from northerners. The island of Kos houses the Asclepion, a wondrous wonder where people would travel from far and wide for healing. There are thousands of ruins across Greece, all waiting to be seen. Some ancient, others medieval.

Learn To Swim

If you are visiting the islands then you should learn to swim. There are many areas of natural beauty in Greece that can be experienced in the water, such as the creator of Thera. It is also a prudent thing to do as you’ll be in the water quite often as you travel from island to island. Being proficient in the water can enhance your trip whilst also ensuring you stay safe. You don’t have to be able to swim multiple lengths, just be able to tread water and do the simple front stroke. Luckily, it is easy to flat in the Mediterranean because it is so salty. But learning will only do you good out in a country based on hundreds of islands. Don’t worry if you’re pressed for time, it can be done faster than you think.

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