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So you have decided to go travelling. It is an experience like none other that can totally change your outlook on life and how you view the world you live in. Whether you’re camping your way across a country or staying in hotels, it will be an amazing experience that stays with you for life. However, there needs to be a huge amount of preparation coupled with another load of things you need to give serious thought to before embarking upon your adventure. This article can help put you in the right frame of mind, and ensure your travel goes well and without too many issues arising. The chances are you’ve already done some of these, but they can give you ideas and help you get the most out of your trip. Preparation is key. Sure, there are those who say that travelling should be done off the cuff, but if it is your first time out your best bet is to prepare like never before. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Plan Your Route

You need to plan your route out before you go. Get down everything you want to do and plan it out on a map. Trace your route and work out the most efficient way across it. Doing this means you aren’t left spending huge amounts of cash in random locations because certain things have fallen through. Your best bet is to plan your transportation and hotels before you leave. It’ll be a large upfront cost for all of the tickets and hotel stays. Granted, there are ways to travel the world for cheap. And this isn’t exactly a way of randomly experiencing the world. But if you want to stay safe and ensure you’ll always have a place with stay with transport to and from differing countries then this is the way to do it.

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Find A Partner

Travel is much better when experienced with someone else. The more there are the better time you will have and safer you’ll feel. It can feel quite lonely travelling in a country where nobody speaks your language. If you bring a friend this is completely mitigated. Try to see if any of your friends would like to go travelling with you. If not, then there are many different types of travel forums where you can link up with people wanted someone to travel with. You make make a friend for life whilst ensuring you have someone to back you up as you travel the world with them. Meet them once or twice beforehand to ensure you click. This way you will know whether you get on with them or not before committing to months abroad with them. If you can’t find one consider staying in approved hostels where you can find other people traveling in the location. By doing this you can meet people from your home destination and keep the loneliness at bay by talking to people from back home.

Get Your Jabs

You need to check up on all health advice concerning your injections. Do not forgo these because they could keep you healthy. If you don’t take your jabs then your trip could come to a brutal and unfortunate end where you end up in a hospital recovering from something awful. Check the relevant websites for vaccination information and go ahead and get them. Jabs for malaria, dengue fever, and other types of illness can really give you peace of mind and ensure you don’t come home early. There are dozens of mosquito born diseases and you can even end up getting ill after taking the relevant drugs so be sure to be careful on your travels. Take mosquito nets if you are sleeping outside and always take and use bug repellant. Spray it all over yourself. It may not smell nice but it can keep you from falling ill.

Read Up On The Laws

You need to know the laws of each country you travel in because they could differ from those back home. For example, singapore has a wide ban on all kinds of chewing gum, bar the medicinal kind. You could end up with a hefty fine or worse thrown in jail. In France, if driving you need a high visibility vest or jacket with you in case you crash. These are the small little laws but are an example of how things differ in each country you travel too. Know the basics so you don’t get caught out.

Learn the Language Basics

Please, thank you, yes, no, etc. The basics should be learnt to help you get across the country. It shows respect and means the natives may open up to you in a nicer way. It can be hard to remember these so consider purchasing a language guide book to ensure you know the easier words. Luckily, English is now widely spoken. But showing that extra bit of respect can get you a long way and help you get across the country. There are ways you can learn a language fast, but if that isn’t your style just remember the key basics for each place you venture too.

Take Multiple Payment Methods

You don’t want to be walking around with all your assets in cash. If you dropped it or got it stolen you could end up with nothing at all. Split it up and store it in different places on your body. A pre paid card is a good bet, then you need to take your credit and debit card and lastly. Cash. If you took all cash you would end up with multiple currencies on your person which could become a point of worry. You don’t want to have to end up holding all of this cash, so draw more out in each country you visit. Plan this out ahead. There may be a safe place to withdraw in your hotel. If not, do your research before leaving so you know where you can do it for a good rate and in a safe area.

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