The Ultimate Guide to Taking the Essentials When You Travel

The flights are booked, the accommodation is sorted and you are almost ready to jet off. Before you do, there is the small problem of packing. Yes ‘packing’, the word that sends shivers down every traveler’s spine. When you decide to go traveling, you never realize just important and difficult a task it is. Everyone knows if you don’t get it right it will haunt you when you land on foreign soil, especially if you travel solo. The thing is you never seem able to pack all the essentials without fighting your backpack or forgetting something important. Thankfully, you can put the boxing gloves down now because you never have to fight or misremember again.

Backpack Or Suitcase?

Almost every traveler thinks they have to take a backpack. It is lighter, easier to transport, and it doesn’t look as weird. Admit it, you’ve made fun of non-travellers before that turn up with a suitcase? Well, the joke might be on you according to Dr. Luggage and other luggage guides as cases are becoming more popular. Suitcases not only fit in more items and keep them clean, but they are easier to carry. Almost all of them have wheels and don’t need carrying like suitcases of the past. Even if you prefer a backpack, you should consider a case.

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Throw Away The Rubbish

Just face it, you aren’t going to use your jump rope while you are away. The idea of keeping fit might sound appealing but it will soon fade away after a few weeks. What won’t fade away is the jump rope that will stay in your bag for the duration of your journey taking up valuable space. Your only two options are to not take it in the first place or throw it out while you travel. That way, you have more room for valuables or just some free space. Free space is always a good idea because you pick up more things as you travel, like souvenirs.

Pack Like You Will Be Away

What does that even mean? It means that you won’t follow the same structure when you travel. At home, you wear new clothes everyday because you can wash them and you have more options. Abroad, you don’t have the same luxury. You will have to re-wear clothes on a constant basis, and you should remember that as you pack. Trying to fill your backpack with a month’s worth of t-shirts is pointless when you can take a handful and wear them more than once. Sure it sounds disgusting now, but don’t pretend like you have never been there!

Make A List

Even when you know you should only pack the essentials, it is still hard to pack the essentials. This is mainly because you don’t know what the essentials for your trip are. When you think of them off the top of your head, everything seems like a good idea. When you make a list, you can be more critical. And please do be critical otherwise you’ll taking three pairs of jeans to a country on the Equator.

Hopefully packing for your next trip will be a lot easier.

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