The Zenith of Socialite Holidays: Why You Need More Mountain Vacations in Your Life

Often misjudged as a vacation for sports junkies, mountains have a lot to offer to holidaymakers who are looking for a change. Indeed, while this might keep you away from your favorite beach in summer, at the same time, people who love to spend time in the mountains can enjoy beautiful, natural landscapes that you rarely see on the beach. The sensation of walking within an undisturbed patch of nature and maybe crossing path with a wild animal is tantalizing to say the least! But there is also a feeling of peacefulness, like an idyllic retreat from the world, that you can’t find anywhere else. And this is exactly why mountain vacations are such a hit with the modern socialites, who, like everyone else, need some peace from the busy world to recharge their batteries! Discover the top three reasons why you should lose yourself in amongst the mountains this year.

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Enjoy The Healthy, Fresh Air

There’s one thing that nobody can deny: You’ll find that the air is a little purer and cleaner in the mountains than it is on the beach. This is because there is less traffic and fewer industries in altitude: So if you can’t feel the difference, your lungs certainly will! It’s something that most avid skiing holidaymakers agree on: The winter wonderland landscapes in the Alps, in Canadian ski resorts, or even on top of US peaks, is synonymous with cleanness, with the white of the snow and the fresh and brisk air that turns their cheeks pink as they ski down the slope. After all, the mountain air is a natural remedy for those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory illnesses despite being thinner in high altitudes. Besides, if you are a sports enthusiast, you can turn to the mountains for skiing or hiking and enjoy plenty of health benefits, from boosting your immune system with a large dose of vitamin D to improving your flexibility.


Peaceful And Less Crowded Retreat In The Catskills

It’s no wonder that more and more people in large towns are looking for quiet mountain holidays to take a break from their everyday stress. Indeed, as mountains tend to offer areas that are less crowded, holidaymakers can enjoy the time away from town and turn off their phone for a few days without any guilt feeling. For many, serenity and quality time with friends and relatives are two essential factors when picking their holiday destinations, and consequently more people prefer to stay away from crowded beaches. If you find yourself craving for some me time, you should not only consider a mountain holiday, but maybe look at options to purchase a little condo or a chalet to call yours in a renowned peaceful spot, the Catskill Mountains – check the Windham Mountain Real Estate in NY – if you want something that is not too far from town, for example.

Fall In Love With Mountains

It’s not uncommon for people to fall in love with the stunning mountain landscape and to develop a taste for hiking all across the world. Mountains can have this effect on people: They are the quiet giant that soothes our everyday pains and sorrows. There’s more than a sense of achievement when you conquer a high peak such as the Kilimanjaro, it’s the feelings of peace, being one with nature and great happiness that flow through your veins. Mountains make you feel better, to put it simply.

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