Travel More With These Money-Saving Hacks

If you’re a victim of wanderlust, we have every sympathy. Many of us would travel as much as possible if we had the funds, but taking endless vacations and seeing the sights can cause a major dent in the finances. If you’re keen to travel more, these money-saving hacks may help.

Finding cheap flights

The cost of flights varies so much, so it’s always worth shopping around and comparing prices. You may find that the cost of a flight changes on a daily basis or that there’s a difference of hundreds of dollars from one week to the next. If you are flexible in terms of when you travel, you can save a lot of money. Booking at short notice is often a great option, and it’s always best to avoid weekends and high season. If you’re not fussed about how long it takes you to get to your destination, indirect flights are often more affordable than direct journeys. Look out for flash sales and discount codes.

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Considering accommodation options

Before you book a hotel, consider all your options. If you’re traveling in a group, it may work out cheaper to rent an apartment or use something like Airbnb (my personal favorite). If you are looking at hotels, use the Internet to compare prices for your chosen dates. If you’re planning a road trip, it’s worth considering hiring an RV, as this will cover both your transport and accommodation.

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Sorting out your luggage

Nobody wants to start their vacation by forking out for excess luggage. Before you set off, check the restrictions on your flight, and weigh your bag. Make sure your carry-on luggage fits the airline’s criteria. If your bag is too big or heavy, you’ll have to check it in, and this will carry a charge. If you don’t already have a cabin bag and you’d like some recommendations, have a look online for reviews of the best carry-on luggage. Make sure you check what you pack carefully before you get to security, as you don’t want to have to throw things like perfume or makeup away. If you are taking a lot of luggage with you, book extra before you travel. You can often add this to your booking online for a much lower fee than you’d pay at the desk.

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Pre-booking parking, car hire, and transfers

If you need airport parking, car hire or transfers on arrival, it’s always best to book them in advance. The prices you are quoted will be significantly lower than those available on the day.

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Many of us wish we had the money to be able to travel more. Going away can be expensive, but there are lots of ways of cutting travel costs and making vacations or extended adventures more affordable. Shop around for everything from airport parking and transfers to flights and hotels. Prices can vary hugely, and you may be surprised at how much you can save just by spending a couple of minutes online. Book extra luggage in advance if you think you may go over the weight limit, and always check the carry-on restrictions, and always travel out of season if you’re able to.  

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