Unexpected Things To Do While Visiting Sydney

I think that the capital of Australia is definitely one place which ends up on people’s bucket list. After all, they save in hope they will soon be able to afford the 24-hour flight! And they do this as they want to visit Sydney as it’s known for so many amazing things. A lot of people go to take a picture outside the iconic Sydney Opera House. And if there is a show on, they often make sure they book a ticket so that can enjoy the music or acting on display. Also, they head to Sydney to go for a walk on the famous bridge. In fact, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is probably one of the most recognizable places in the world. But there is so much more to Sydney than just its famous attractions. Therefore, here are some unexpected things to do while visiting Sydney, so you don’t end up missing out!

Enjoy a day wandering around the Botanic Gardens

A lot of people spend their time in the heart of the city looking around the main attractions. But they don’t visit the Botanic Gardens which is the perfect place for some chill time. After all, it’s nice to escape the tourists and have a bit of quiet time. And the public gardens offers the chance to do just that. The gardens which date back to 1810 has a wealth of greenery where you can chillax and even enjoy a picnic with your travel buddies. And it has plenty to look around if plants and wildlife are your thing. In fact, you should go around the beautiful ponds where you will spot a wealth of fish. And as it’s situated close to the harbour, you can still enjoy amazing views of the top sights even while in the gardens!

Enjoy some fast-paced thrills at Luna Park

The amusement park in Sydney is an excellent way to kill a few hours. In fact, if you love a good roller coaster, you will be in your element in Luna Park. A lot of people miss this off their list. But it’s actually a great way to spend a few hours. One good thing about the park is that it’s free to get in. So you only have to pay for the rides you want to go on. So it doesn’t have to be an expensive day out for you while you are in the city. And the retro park is definitely something amazing visually. In fact, you will love the old school designed rides they have here. It’s also open into the late hours, so it’s something to do if you have a spare evening while in the city!

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Go on a wine tour in the countryside

While it can be tempting to spend all your time in the heart of the city, there are some amazing things to do out in the countryside. In fact, you will be left disappointed if you don’t visit other places in the vicinity while you are in Sydney. One thing you might want to do while you are in the city is book a trip for a wine tour. In fact, you might want to book a trip which will take you from Sydney center right into the valleys. And then you can enjoy the best wineries and cellars on offer. In fact, if you go on a tour similar to Tastes Of The Hunter Wine Tours you will get to try many wines and delicious grub while taking in the gorgeous countryside. And you might find a new bottle of wine you will want to take home with you as it’s so good. Therefore, don’t miss a tour into the heart of the countryside while you are in the city!

Check out the unique animals at Taronga Zoo

Australia is known for its super cute animals. And there are some beautiful ones to see if you head to Taronga Zoo. In fact, you can see unique animals like koalas and pygmy hippos if you do visit the zoo.  Just like the Botanic Gardens, you can also enjoy the Bridge and Opera House from the zoo too. So while you are checking out the cute animals, you can see the amazing sights. And one of the best things about the zoo is the shows. After all, they have things like a seal performance and even a spider show which is amazing. And it’s definitely a great way to spend a day in the city getting closer to the unique wildlife in Australia.

And don’t forget a trip to one of the beaches while you are staying in Sydney. You might want to go to the infamous Bondi Beach on the outskirts of the city, hike the coastal cliffs between Bondi and Coogee, or take in the trendy atmosphere at Manly. What ever you choose to do, Sydney is sure to be a great time!

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