Voluntourism: The New Way to Travel and Help Your Planet

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Traveling the world is a fantastic way to broaden the mind, and yet, so many of us don’t manage to do it in our lifetime. We are stuck at home and we are only able to see the world through our TV screens, and this is a big shame. If we all had the opportunity to see the world in its many and diverse colors we would have a much better perspective of how priveliged we actually are, even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

And although traveling is a great way to give ourselves perspective, if you spent time helping people out, then you will see that there are so many people that need our help. And while we feel that we should spend our hard-earned money on a short holiday, there is also the case for what is called volunteer tourism, or voluntourism.

There are many opportunities to volunteer around the world, whether you would like to help the homeless or you would like to volunteer with elephants, there are many opportunities to allow you to see the world while also doing something worthwhile. There are a lot of opportunities available, and here are some of the organizations that you can volunteer for.

Global Vision International

They are an organization that provides opportunities for internships and volunteers in areas such as Australasia, Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and Latin America.

Whatever you wanted to do, whether it is animal care, or construction or providing education, they are all catered for. And it is a very popular organization, as 95% of previous volunteers have said that they would travel with them again. The projects are varied in the amount of time that they last for, and can last from one week all the way up to 12 months, so if you are looking for a specific time period to volunteer, then this will suit you.

International Volunteer Headquarters

Founded in 2007, the IVH offers trips in Africa over 28 countries. In addition to this, they offer trips in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Ways to volunteer include teaching underprivileged children English, French or IT, which are wonderful essential skills for the children to make careers for themselves as they get older.

As well as this, you can work in Kenyan hospitals caring for people suffering from HIV as well as improving awareness of the disease via community outreach programs in vulnerable areas, or you can volunteer on renovating temples in Sri Lanka, or help to establish youth centers.

Maximo Nivel

If you are looking to take a long time out volunteering, such as a gap year, Maximo Nivel have many opportunities in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (commonly known as TEFL), and offer projects in Guatemala, Peru and Costa Rica in Latin America. You are also able to work with underprivileged children as well as develop your language skills at the same time.

Traveling the world has many benefits, and if you want to help out animals or mankind, then this is a great way to do it.

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