Why Western Australia Should Be Number One On Your Bucket List

As far as travel destinations go, Australia is pretty high up on the list for most people. I know it sure was for me! It’s remote – over halfway around the world for many of us – benefits from glorious weather nearly all year round, and features some of the most stunning landscapes on the globe. Plus, the locals are famously friendly and accommodating! But Australia is still a pretty big place, which means narrowing down your internal destinations there is easier said than done. Unless you have six months to meander about the country (and some people would even question whether that’s enough to see the place properly) you will need to focus on a specific area in order to make the most of your time down under. Many people opt for the obvious destinations of Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne down the East Coast – and while these are indeed interesting cities, you could be missing a trek by avoiding Western Australia. Why? Read on to find out…

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The Outback

If Australia is famous for one thing, it is ‘The Outback.’ Western Australia is the biggest region in the whole country, taking up more than a third of this huge island. And most of the Western region is, indeed, covered by ‘The Outback’ – remote desert landscape featuring all kinds of unique animals and plants. One of the most beautiful areas in the Western Outback is the Kimberley. This sparse region in the North includes Windjana Gorge National Park, where towering limestone cliffs provide a dramatic backdrop against the desert floor. The Gibb River also flows through the Kimberley – why not take a guided tour and see if you can spot any wild crocodiles? You can also head up to the Dampier Peninsula where you can learn about ancient Aboriginal history and culture, something integral to the development of the Kimberley.


You could travel the world for years in the hope of finding a city that truly ticks all the boxes, but you probably won’t ever come close to Perth! This coastal city is often overlooked by tourists for the aforementioned Eastern neighbors, but it is definitely worth a visit. Perth features all the contemporary style of a modern city, while still paying homage to its rich history, culture, and wildlife. Head to the old town of Fremantle to step back in time and to try some amazing coffee, or head for a stroll around Kings Park for a taste of the outback right in the city center.

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Love all things sun, sea and sand? You’re in luck, as Western Australia has some of the most stunning and accessible beaches on the planet. Head to Bunbury to catch sight of some bottlenose dolphins, or get the money-shot for your Instagram page at the aptly named Turquoise Bay (right next to the town of Exmouth). If you happen to be staying near Perth and want to revel in that big city vibe, head over to Cottesloe Beach to take part in some of the native watersports.

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