World Travel: Why The Maldives Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

The Maldives is often seen as a dream location. The white sand beaches and the clear blue sea are obvious reasons why. The area is known for luxurious villas and resorts, making it easy to relax and take it all in. But when it is around a ten-hour flight from the UK, is it worth going that far just for some sunshine and stunning beaches? Here are a few other reasons why you need to visit the Maldives.

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Great Food

There is a huge range of food available on the islands. Casual dining, as well as gourmet meals, are all available. They make a wide range of international cuisine on the resorts like Soneva Fushi resort, and they are all to a top standard. You will get more of a taste of the Maldives at more local venues, with plenty of fresh seafood. Fish and seafood feature heavily on the menu, and it is often quite spicy. Coconuts are in abundance on the islands, so they are used in the food and cooking a lot.

The Culture

If you are a fan of travel, then you will know that part of the experience of travel is meeting new people and experiencing a new culture. The Maldives has quite a unique culture to experience, so it needs to be on this list. The islands are mainly populated with those that follow the Islamic faith. But there is also a mix of Sinhalese, South Indian, and Arabian influences. So the people you will meet will offer an eclectic mix of conversation and influences. You will find that there are strict laws in some areas about alcohol, particularly out on the streets. Things like topless sunbathing are also prohibited due to the faiths that the locals follow. English is widely spoken, but the native language is called Dhivehi.

Water Sports

Though it is nice to relax and enjoy the beaches, water sports have to be experienced when in the Maldives. Pretty much every resort will have it’s own reef for snorkeling which is an added bonus. Some will be only accessible by boat. However you get there, they are worth the trip and experiencing it all. There are other locations that are known for their world class diving. So if that sounds better to you, then make sure that you give it a go. There are thousands of varieties of marine life that you can see on the islands. So watersports, snorkeling, and diving need to be on your to-do list if you make a trip out there.

Unlike Anywhere Else

The Maldives really are the definition of paradise. The beaches are unlike any other. You can get some pretty pristine beaches around the world but none as stunning as the beaches of the Maldives. The weather is tropical all year long. Some rain is experienced at times, but it is still warm when it does rain, and the rain is usually brief.

Have you ever been to the Maldives? It would be great to hear about your favourite things and what you enjoyed the most.

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